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Free Size Waistband Belt Havane + Snakeskin Card Holder Gold

 Waistband Belt: 


The Waistband belt is a free-size belt and is for everyone! It can be worn on your waist or hip. It comes in 3 colours and will work with any outfit you decide on wearing. 


Faux leather with silver accessories


The body: 58 cm

Extra length: 74 cm

Widest part: 8 cm

Slim Profile - 7.5 cm wide and 12.5 tall - This wallet is as minimal as your cards themselves. Wallet sits flat in your front pocket.
Accessibility - Holds 2-8 cards comfortably. Three outer pockets, let you keep your most-used cards or cash easily accessible.
Secure - Tight-knit elastic keeps your wallet's contents secure. No, cards don't slide out.
Unique Design - Finally, a wallet to match your style.