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Our Story

Palma is a Fashion brand that started in 2016, literally in our founder's bedroom! He bought an initial stock of around 100 laptop bags. He thought the regular laptop bags available in the market sucked, so he tried creating better ones.

He was lucky and he actually managed to sell all those bags. He reinvested all the money back into creating more bags, and moved stock from his bedroom to his garage.

Fast-forward around a year towards the end of 2017. He started renting an office and gradually started hiring.

Today, we’re 8 people in the team, handling everything from operations to customer support to marketing. We do not have a physical store, our entire existence is online.

We’re still growing very quickly. Today, it’s not uncommon to stumble upon Palma customers and their Palma bags on many college campuses in Egypt. 

You can also find our bags at hundreds of workplaces and multinational corporations nationwide. Our advertising efforts have helped us reach over a million Egyptians to date, and this number continues to grow rapidly.

We also design and manufacture our products 100% in Egypt. We have strict quality control measures that apply to all of our manufacturing partners, allowing us to deliver beautiful, high-quality products at affordable prices.